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Teams Saudi Future Falcons “Green”

Saudi Future Falcons “Green”

The Saudi Future Falcons 1 and 2 teams are made up of players from the Saudi Scholarship for Developing Football Talent (SSDFT), a programme sponsored Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Sports to promote the growth of the country’s best football talents.

The Salou-based programme, which was launched 2019, has all the necessary elements to offer its footballers elite training: coaching staff with extensive international experience, first-rate facilities, the latest technology, friendly matches against teams from all over Europe, trial periods in some of the best clubs on the continent, etc.

This first edition of the AL ABTAL INTERNATIONAL CUP will allow football aficionados to watch these young Saudi players in action as they seek to put their names next to some of the country’s legendary players, such as Majed Abdullah, Yasser Al Qahtani and Saeed Al Owairan.